3 Ways to Kick Back and Watch Your Sales Roll in.

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April 14, 2016
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3 Ways to Kick Back and Watch Your Sales Roll in.

Was the last time you talked with a client when they paid their bill 3 months ago.  If so, you are leaving lots of money on the table and all over the ground.

To watch the sales roll in you’ll need these three things:

1.  Database – make sure you collect every card from every networking event.  Be sure to add every referral and every past client to your database.  Need a good email database? check out MailChimp.com  Need a good contact management tool?  Check out Contactually.com

2.  Call everyone in your database at least once per quarter.  It’s easy if you just make 10 calls a day.  Just call them and say “hello and how’s the family”.  Keep it light.

3.  Hire a social media manager who knows what they’re doing.  They’ll post, tweet and keep your company top of mind in the socialsphere.

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