Startup Checklist – 5 Key Steps Before You Get in the Game

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June 1, 2016
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June 4, 2016

Startup Checklist – 5 Key Steps Before You Get in the Game

Step 1 –
Find your passion.  What do you really love to do?  Would you do it even if you didn’t get paid? Although you’d do it for no money, make sure people are willing to pay you for the goods or services you’ll offer.

Step 2 – Get a coach!  And get the right coach for the game.  Football coaches don’t coach baseball.  Find a good business coach who will tell you the truth and point you in the right direction.  Having a good coach does not mean you need to spend a fortune but you should compensate him or her fairly. Shop around.  A coach is not your friend.  They are paid to get you to the championship.

Step 3 Map out a plan and keep it simple.  Your coach will be happy to help you with this.  Put in the work and follow the game plan.

Step 4 – Know your numbers –  How much money will you need and where will you get it?  Is the capital for this game plan coming from  savings, spouse, investors etc.  If you are thinking of a loan, do you have a plan to pay it back?

Step 5 – Build your team.   It’s important to know where you are going and who’s going with you.  Don’t share your vision with those who don’t support you; even family or close friends.  Protect yourself from the blood-sucking vampires.

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